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Custom Handmade Necklaces

Madeline's fashion jewelry collection of handmade necklaces using swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, semi precious stone and Bali sterling silver, for formal and casual, young and old, from jeans to haut couture. They are one-of-a-kind creations

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Handmade necklaces
003 Handmade Necklace
Natural Hammered Disc Sard Beads Faceted Hand Cut Crazy Agata Chips
Very Rare Gems Thai Hill Tribe Sterling Silver Cups and Clasp 18 inch long $115
unique necklace
005 Handmade Necklace
Rare Crazy Agate Beads, Onyx Faceted Crystal Beads, Sterling Silver Onyx. Pendant and Clasp 17 inch long $85.00
unique necklaces
006 Handcrafted Necklace
Purple German Vintage Glass, Opaline, Amethyst Faceted Beads . Sterling Silver Plated Beads and Chain. sterling silver clasp18 inch long $65
Handmade necklace
007 Handmade Necklace
Natural Carnelian and Brown Quartz Nuggets ,sterling silver nuggets chain and clasp. 17 inch long $155
Handcrafted necklace
008 Handcrafted Necklace
Raspberry Vintage Glass Leafs and Sea Beads.Sterling Silver Spacers and Marcasite Clasp 18 inch long $85
Handmade necklaces
009 Handmade Necklace
Natural Quartz Crystal Beads. are Unique in the Gem World. Sterling Silver Clasp 17 inch long $185
Handcrafted necklaces
010 Handcrafted Necklace
Sterling silver Links, Australian Pink Opel, Heishi freshwater Pearls, Italian Porcelain Beats 28 inch long $125
Hand made necklace
011 Handmade Necklace
Freshwater pearls Sterling Silver Marcaste Divider and Clasp 16 Inch Long $150
Hand made necklaces
012 Handcrafted Necklace
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Coins, Swarovski Crystal cubs, Mother of pearls Cross on Sterling Silver signed Pendant Sterling Silver clasp17 inch long $150
Hand crafted necklace
013 Handmade Necklace
Amethyst Quarts and Crystals Necklace, Sterling Silver chain and clasp 18 inch long $110
Hand crafted necklaces
014 Handcrafted Necklace
2 Strands of Turquoise Sleeping Beauty Coins and Thy Sterling. Swaronski Crystal Cubs, Peruvian Sterling. S Prayer Box Pendant 18 inch long $185

Abalon Coin Necklace
Handmade unique necklaces
016 Handcrafted Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Mint Color, Green Swarovski Crystals Sterling Silver Clasp 17 inch long $155
Handmade necklace
017 Handmade Necklace
Vintage Foil Glass Gold and Silver beads , Black Crystal Beads, Gold Sea Beads. Gold Plated Clasp 28 inch long $75
Handcrafted necklace
018 Handcrafted Necklace
Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Black Crystal, Gold Sea Beads Gold Plated Clasp 28 Inch Long $75.00
Handmade necklaces
019 Handmade Necklace
Two Strands of Green Kyanite Natural Crystals, Swarovski Crystal, Emerald Beads, Sterling silver Gold Plated Clasp 18 inch long $195
Handcrafted necklaces
020 Handcrafted Necklace
Natural Peacock Solar Quartz Crystal Beads Swarovski Crystals, Marcasite Sterling Silver clasp 17 inch long $185
Handmade necklace
021 Handmade Necklace
2 strands of Apricot Chalcedony Leafs Beads , Carnelian Beads, Sterling Silver Spacers and Clasp, 18 inch long $125
Handmade necklaces
022 Handcrafted Necklace
Quartz Nuggets Pink Color, Lampwork Beads, Bali Sterling Silver Beads and Clasp 17 Inch Long $155/td>
Handcrafted necklace
023 Handmade Necklace
Swrovski Crystal Pearls and Swarovski Crystal, Bali Sterling Silver Beads and Clasp. 17 Inch Long $95
Handcrafted necklaces
024 Handcrafted Necklace
Natural Harmerded Quartz Crystal, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Sliver Beads and Clasp 17 Inch Long $135
Handmade necklace
025 Handmade Necklace
Carnelian, beads and Pendant , Jade Beads Bali Sterling Silver Beads and Clasp 17 Inch Long $98
Handcrafted necklace
026 Handcrafted Necklace
Big Nuggets of Mother of Pearls Rice Black Onyx Thai Sterling Silver Beads Pendant and clasp. 17 Inch Long $135
Handmade necklace
027 Handmade Necklace
Natural Hammered Quartz Crystal Faceted Disc, with Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Chain and Clasp. 17 Inch long $155
Handmade necklace
029 Handmade Necklace
3 Strands of Freshwater Pearls sterling Silver Marcasite Clasp 18 Long $120
Handcrafted necklace
030 Handcrafted Necklace
Multi Strands Multi Color Of Freshwater Pearls Sterling Silver Clasp 18 Inch Long $175


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A Little Pearl History

The pearl is the oldest known gem, and for centuries it was considered the most valuable. Pearls were a symbol of the moon and had magical powers which was thought to bring prosperity and long life to those around them. Pearls have been considered divine gifts and suited for royalty. Pearls have also been considered ideal wedding gifts due to their symbolism of purity and innocence. Pearls have been prescribed as a love potion. Some cultures have used pearls to cure a variety of ailments such as indigestion, fever, and heart disease. Today, the main component of pearls is calcium carbonate and is used as an antacid as well as vitamin. At the age of 94, Mikimoto, the founder of the cultured pearl industry stated, "I owe my fine health and long life to the two pearls I have swallowed every morning of my life since I was twenty."

Shipping and Handling additional.

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